Jobs RemunerationTalent Concept

Competitive salary

1, we pay close attention to the market situation through professional consulting company, timely adjustment pay policy, in order to ensure competitive salaries.

2, we have a sound performance appraisal system, the situation reached a paid performance bonuses based on employee performance and the company's annual target;

3, equity incentives.

Comprehensive insurance coverage

1, we tailor employees customized comprehensive security plan, which includes: purchase of five insurance (pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance) one gold (housing fund).

2, in addition to five insurance payments, we purchase commercial accident insurance for their employees.

Humane paid leave

1, annual leave: more than one year of work, you can enjoy five days of paid annual leave

2, marriage: employees, with a marriage certificate can enjoy three days of marriage.

3, statutory holidays: New Year, Tomb Sweeping Festival, May Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, New Year's Day holiday, according to national policy requirements.

Colorful staff activities

1, Staff Club: The company set up a variety of clubs, designed to enrich their lives and improve the quality of life of employees. Club official organizations, including basketball, football, badminton;

2, the tourism sector: the company will organize an annual tourism;

3, the annual meeting: the end of the annual meeting will be held every year, this is the best time to show the achievements of the year for staff awards ceremony, Acer also has distinctive cultural atmosphere;

4, staff birthday dinner: a month for the current month birthday dinner PARTY employee organization birthday.