Europe set to level playing field for operators in OTT battle2016-08-16

The European Commission is set to release new rules in September, which will aim to tighten up how OTT’s such as WhatsApp and Skype are regulated in the European markets, according to the Financial Times.How Over-The-To...

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The head of Vodafone's IoT business in the United States isn't worried about the progress Sigfox and LoRa technology supporters have made in building out wide-scale wireless networks for water meters, health moni...

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Kazuo Inamori2016-01-06

Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera, DDI (now KDDI) and numerous other enterprises, established the Inamori Foundation and created the Kyoto Prize, a prestigious international award. He also serves as president of Seiw...

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Tozed outdoor 4G CPE ZLT P11B won the bidding of China Mobile Group2015-08-31

At the end of Auguest, Beijing China Mobile Group brought a good news: Tozed outdoor 4G CPE ZLT P11 won the bid of China Mobile Group's 2015 Annual 4G CPE bidding project standard package II ,when competing with many...

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